FF Factory, founded in 1966 by Ferruccio Ferrari, is specialized in formulation and production of make up products in third party only.

The expertise of an Italian laboratory, the “savoir faire”, the “do it well”, the “do it fast” are the assets of the company, that is now oriented toward an industrial approach, to guarantee more and more attention to customers’ needs.

New headquarter, new commercial and production facilities, new management are the new assets of a 50 years old company to answer to a dynamic and moving market, where beauty and fashion are the emotional milestones.


R&D Lab

Our R&D Lab counts on a huge formula catalogue, either in number and in quality, constantly updated in order to follow the international regulations and “improved” to answer to beauty trends.

Professionalism , competence and flexibility are the key words that allow us to develop innovative and exclusive products and solutions, dealing with our customers, offering customized and unique products in compressed timings.

And thanks to our attention and the fast reaction we can be privileged partners of our customer.

The systematic study of the new formulas and solutions guarantees our products additional sensorial values.

Don’t care the colour now, let’s choose the formula together firstly


Our operations manage the productions phases in a strongly controlled, short and flexible way, in order to guarantee a standardized product, following the development time set by the customer.

We can do that thanks to our specialized operators, with long experience and, where needed, to the support of qualified suppliers, constantly looking for process or technical solutions that improve each step of our production process

We do our best
to realize your wishes


We develop and produce colours in formula, to deliver them either in intermediate or finished stage.

In case of full responsibility of the project, we can count on an internal packaging catalogue or on a selection of specialized suppliers that can answer to the specific needs of the client.

And this possible in all ”every” colour make up “range”: eyes, lips, face, body, nails.

We develop your idea in your product


We count on a consolidated integrated supply chain and a strong “savoir faire”, allowing short and consistent production times: this is the philosophy that has been characterizing the company since 50 years.

The dynamism of ever, steered to the future


Brigatti 60/C
20885 Ronco Briantino (MB)

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